VR/360 to event coverage added to NAB

VR and 360-degree video content is getting the coverage it deserves at NAB 2016! Here is a preview from an interview with the creators of this SuperMeet production. Learn about what will be covered.

NAB: Las Vegas SuperMeet adds VR/360 to event coverage

Randi Altman's Post Perspecitive supermeet-vegas-virtual-reality-coverageThe Rio Hotel will be hopping on April 19 when it hosts this year’s Las Vegas SuperMeet. The annual Creative Pro User Group (CPUG) Network event draws Final Cut Pro, Adobe, Avid and DaVinci Resolve editors, gurus, digital filmmakers and content creators during NAB. The second half of this year’s event is focusing on VR and 360 video, the hot topics at this year’s show. We wanted to know what attendees can expect, so we threw some questions at Daniel Bérubé and Michael Horton, the architects of this event, to find out more. Some compare VR and 360 video to stereo 3D. Why do you feel this is different? VR/360 video is more accessible to the indie filmmaker than 3D ever was. The camera rigs can be inexpensive and still be professional, or you can rent the expensive ones. The feeling we are getting from everyone is one of revolution, and we have not seen that since the year 2000. This is a new way to tell stories. There are no rules yet, and we are making a lot of this stuff up as we go along, but that’s what is fun. We are actually seeing people giggle again. We never saw this level of excitement with 3D. All we really saw was skepticism...[continue reading on PostPerspective.com]

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