Waiting for the "Pro" in "X" means putting "Final" in "...Cut Pro"

The Edit Doctor by Mike J Nichols

So, if you follow my friends like @JokeandBiagio on Twitter, you’ve figured out that we started out in Hollywood making docs and television shows - basically (and literally) in our apartments.

We used Final Cut Pro and we used it like crazy. Had Final Cut Pro not existed I wouldn’t have been able to do so many things that I’ve gotten to do. I am grateful.

Now over 10 years later… I’m basically back at it again… except this appears to be my last endeavor with Final Cut Pro now that Apple has abandoned the marketplace where my interests and work reside.

My take on FCPX tweets like this…


(thanks to @johnfoster for the .pdf printing and @NateCow for the image below. You can click the photo below to download the .pdf of the book)

Lately I’ve been revisiting Adobe Premiere and the new AVID Media Composer 6. It’s basically become a test of what workflows in Final Cut Pro 7 can I simulate/duplicate in either of these programs with the least resistance… read more...

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