Walter Biscardi reviews Boris Continuum Complete 10

Here's a really great look into the VFX toolset of Boris Continuum Complete 10, duly noted that with the addition of Imagineer Systems and Mocha Pro this plugin collection is impressive.

Boris Continuum Complete 10: A Winner For Every Creative

CreativeCow blog by Walter Biscardi Walter Biscardi reviews Boris Continuum Complete 10I still remember meeting a guy named Boris at the 1995 Apple MacWorld in Boston. Jeans and a white T-Shirt, he was in the booth all by himself with his brand new product. Boris FX that ran on the awesome Media 100 platform. He was hilarious and I bought the plug-in on the spot for my corporate job. Now here we are 21 years later and while much of the post production industry has changed, Boris FX is still making lives easier for editors and motion graphic artists. Boris FX has long been the “swiss army knife” of filters with effects that are actually useful to editors rather than being bogged down with a ton of ‘fluff’ that you would never use. A year ago they added the incredible Imagineer Systems team to their company with their Academy award-winning mocha planar tracker. The new Boris Continuum Complete 10 (BCC 10) brings the power of mocha right into the architecture creating an incredibly powerful VFX and graphics system inside your NLE. Forget ‘swiss army knife,’ BCC 10 is more like a cannon. Let’s start with multi-platform support. BCC 10 is available now for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Avid Media Composer, with support for other hosts coming soon. If you’re like me and you use multiple editing platforms, Boris FX has introduced a Multi-Host License allowing you to install in multiple software hosts simultaneously. As of this writing, that’s Adobe, Avid and OFX but check the Boris FX website for the most current information regarding hosts and licensing.


One of the most incredible additions to BCC 10 has to be the integrated mocha planar tracking and masking tools. Only the most ridiculous, insanely amazing tracking tool in post production. And now it’s sitting right in your host ready to go as part of your filter set...[continue reading]

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