Walter Soyka On Boris Continuum Complete 9 NLE & AE Plug-ins

Creative COW by Walter Soyka

Boris FX released a new version of Boris Continuum Complete 9 back in June 2014, for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, and added Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve and Apple FCP X support in October.

There are about a zillion other plug-ins available for these applications, and at $995 for After Effects and Premiere, $1,995 for Avid, $695 for Apple FCP X and Motion, $695 for Resolve, and $695 for Sony Vegas, BCC 9 is a bit pricey. Is BCC 9 worth it?


I've been a casual Boris FX user for years, using a handful of effects from time to time, according to very specific needs, but not using BCC effects on a daily basis. When I started researching this review, I decided to explore the whole set in a lot more depth.

I've used BCC effects whenever possible on every real-world project I've done in the last couple months, so what follows is not a list of the shiny new features on the tin (but I will get to those), but rather what really mattered to me as I was integrating BCC 9 into my workflow.


The BCC effect set is huge. With over 200 effects in 17 categories, there's a little something for everyone.

That 200+ number is daunting, but it's a mix of some very general low-level effects and some very specific high-level ones. For example, there are separate plug-ins for rain and snow, both of which are based on a particle system. While that may seem like a way to puff up the plug-in count, a little use shows that's not the case at all. Rain and snow behave very differently in the real world, and BCC Rain and BCC Snow accordingly have different user controls. If you have need for one or the other, getting the look down with these tightly-focused effects is a lot faster than starting with a generalized particle system and tweaking it to perfection. read more...

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