Want to see 4K editing in Media Composer before its release?

PVC by Kevin P McAuliffe

Avid is very excited about the impending release of the next version of Media Composer, and wants everyone to see it!

And no, I?m not breaking any embargoes, NDA?s or anything like that. Avid is very excited about the impending release of the next version of Media Composer, and officially wants everyone to see it, and get excited about it as well.

As everyone knows, Avid announced that 2K, 4K and UHD editing is on the horizon for Media Composer editors at IBC. In this brief tease to my upcoming official tutorial series for Avid, ?Master the Art of 4K Editing?, we start out by take a look at the new (yes, even newer than v8.2) project selection window where you now have access to 2K, 4K and UHD timelines. Then, working with some great 4K footage courtesy of Artbeats, we take some footage, AMA link to it to get it into Media Composer, and then tackle the pesky problem of 4K playback by utilizing Proxy Timelines to playback a 4K timeline at 2K. This makes 4K workflows more accessible to the masses by not forcing you to down convert your sequences to essentially offline before you online in 4K. We then talk briefly about Transcoding your footage to the new DNxHR codec(s), and how you can still work with Frame Flex with transcoded media to adjust larger than 4K frame sizes to work in your current 2K, 4K or UHD timelines. read more...

Get a first look at how video editing professionals quickly and efficiently acquire, manage, edit, and deliver native 4K media with Avid? Media Composer? [ Software.

Media Composer with native 4K editing, and the new Avid DNxHR codec, are planned for release in Q4 2014. You can get 4K editing as soon as it's available with a Media Composer [ Software subscription. Starting at $49.99/month, the industry?s most trusted tools are more accessible than ever before.

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