Watch Now: How to Set Up Your PTZOptics Producer Kit

PTZOptics Producer Kits are complete turn-key live streaming systems built around the groundbreaking Intel NUC Skull Canyon Micro-PC. These systems available with 12X and 20X optical zoom 3G-SDI cameras, finally make television quality video production affordable.

Complete Guide on the Setup of PTZ Producer Kits | PTZOptics

With hundreds of potential video angles available with PTZ Cameras, and the incorporated 3D PTZ Joystick, these new and innovative PTZ Producer Kits offer you every venue as a perfect destination for your next live streaming, thanks to its affordability. The availability of PTZ Producer kits with 12X and 20X optical zoom 3D-SDI Cameras now make your high-quality video production very affordable. Your PTZ Kits are complete live streaming systems built around the Intel NUC Skull Canyon Micro-PC as its heart of the operation. In this post, we will walk you through on the easy setup of your wonderful PTZ Kits. Though the setup is easy and quite simple, we need to understand some of the basic kits in the box. If you open your box you will discover that there are more than 10 kits in the box which can be grouped into two: the main kits and the accessory kits. Blog Link: Step 1: Connecting Power 0:10 Plug your Intel NUC Skull Canyon, Joystick (RS-232) and SDI Camera to power. Step 2: Connecting Cameras To The PC 1:14 Connect the cameras and Intel NUC Skull Canyon to your computer via the HDMI Cabling. Step 3: Joystick Setup 2:43 Plug the Joystick (RS-232) to DB9 Cable. Step 4: Audio Mixer 3:51 Plug the mixer into the computer. Step 5: Streaming Software Setup 4:28 Open up your software and connect to your camera. Step 6: Connect to your Streaming Platform 5:27 Connect to YouTube or Facebook. Step 7: Producer Plus Kit Setup 5:53 Hook up your Producer Plus Kit for control over more cameras.

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