Weatherman transforms garage into Studio with NewTek TriCaster Mini

The power and performance of the NewTek TriCaster Mini is amazing. In this white paper and video you will learn how a local weatherman has turned his garage into a complete wheather studio. Now he brings his community the weather directly from his home, with all of the same great prouction features and quality of his local newsroom.
NewTek Fox is now the chief meteorologist at KMIR in Palm Springs, CA – some 100 miles away from his home in Irvine. A tough commute by any standard. So he put his idea into action. Investing less than $30,000 in equipment and a home Internet connection, Fox transformed his garage into a studio where he delivers his weather report to the station within 0.8 seconds of live — just as if he was in the studio. At the hub of his production sits a TriCaster Mini from NewTek. The TriCaster ingests the camera feed of Fox and his green wall. His maps are still produced at the TV station and instantly FTP’ed to a small server. He programs his daily sequences using the macro feature built into TriCaster. It gives him ample opportunity to run through the show before it’s ‘go’ time. read more...

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