Weaving Technology and Creativity for The Amazing Spider-Man


As one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time, Spider-Man enjoys a sizable and enthusiastic fan base that’s always willing to devour nearly anything Spidey throws their way. Still, there were many who were surprised when it was announced that just five years after Tobey McGuire flung his last web in Spider-Man 3, the franchise was being rebooted with a new cast and a new director at the helm.

But Spider-Man fandom is far too tantalizing for movie execs to ignore for long, so it fell to director Marc Webb and a whole new production team to give the character and his loyal fans a fresh start in the epic origin story, The Amazing Spider-Man.

For editor Alan Edward Bell, A.C.E., and assistant editor Jennifer Vecchiarello, this project was starkly different than their previous collaboration—2011’s Water for Elephants. Dizzying special effects, quick and impactful editing, as well as the movie’s 3D format made for a different game altogether, and Bell instantly knew that collaboration would be critical to getting it right.

To meet the challenge, the team—which also included editors Michael McCusker and Pietro Scalia—relied on an array of Avid production tools, including Media Composer and Pro Tools software for picture and audio editing, as well as an Avid Unity MediaNetwork shared storage system for easy collaboration. read more...

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