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"Social distancing requires live streaming."

Gary Bettan

Gary is joined by two remote guests guests today on this episode of Videguys LIVE! First is Jeremy Kloosterman ( Wirecast Specialist at Telestream) and then Glen Seaman (Workflow Sales Specialist from Broadfield Distributing). All three go over simple and easy ways to go live and bring in remote guests and good workflows.

Some great options for web conferencing within your production system ​include:

  • Wirecast Rendezvous
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • NewTek SkypeTX

Telestream Wirecast

Jeremy and Gary start things off talking about Wirecast and Wirecast Rendezvous. This is a simple to use way to bring in remote guests on any live productions.

Remote Guests Rendezvous Workflow
Wirecast Rendezvous Workflow

LiveU Solo and Wirecast Workflow

Wirecast and LiveU have also teamed together. Thus Videoguys has put together a series of steps in order to pair these great systems together. No more being afraid to go live! Go live anywhere!

  1. Download & Install Garin Apps RTMP Mini Server  on your Wirecast Gear or the computer running Wirecast​
  2.  Stream your LiveU Solo to the RTMP Mini Server​
  3. Bring the LiveU into Wirecast
LiveU and Wirecast Together!
LiveU and Wirecast Together!

Zoom is Perfect for Streaming During Social Distancing

Zoom is fantastic for bringing in remote guests, multi camera presentations, and even the ability to stream. Thus it's a great tool for houses of worship, education, corporations, even government. This is communication made easy. No more wondering how to reach students, or fellow workers during social distancing.

Zoom can work directly with Wirecast as well.

  • Launch Zoom FIRST, then launch Wirecast
  • In Wirecast, enable your virtual camera.
  • Add a layer in Wirecast, and select "Share Screen" as your camera source. 
  • Select "Zoom Video Conferencing" Under Window Options. 
  • Use the other party on your Zoom Call as your virtual guest in Wirecast

NewTek TriCasters Include Skype TX Feature​

NewTek has a wonderful feature. SkypeTX comes already installed with units like the TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI, TC-1, and TC-410.

Here are the steps to use SkypeTX

  • Make sure two inputs are set to SkypeTX- You can select them like a Camera source​
  • Find your IP Address for your Tricaster or Talkshow and write it down​
  • Install SkypeTX Control onto a different PC.  We use our Surface that we often display our presentations from.​
  • On SkypeTX Control, log in using any skype account​
  • Under “Configuration” enter the IP address of your ​
  • TriCaster or Talkshow
  • Add the channel

NewTek offers some designated hardware for larger scale remote guest setups. These are the NewTek Talkshow 100, and the Talkshow 4000.

BirdDog Cloud

BirdDog Cloud Workflow
BirdDog Cloud Workflow for today

Glen Seaman gives an amazing demonstration on the BirdDog Cloud. He is able to control a camera directly in Jeremy's office in Virginia all the way from Texas! Only using NDI!

  • Remote Studio: Connect all NDI capable devices on LAN to Endpoint and send distribute via SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) connection
  • Machine Room: Receives signals from all Endpoints. Remote sources now appear as local NDI Streams. With PTZ Control, Tally and Comms.​
  • Monitor the Stream from Anywhere: Monitor while mobile via iPad​
  • Multiviewer: monitoring also available, completely remotely. ​

Watch the full webinar here!

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