Wedding Cinematography Advice: Organizing Your Projects

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How To Edit A Wedding Film: Organizing Video Project Files The Right Way

I?ve had a number of industry friends and even strangers ask me lately, ?What?s your editing workflow??, ?How do you organize your projects?? and ?How do you edit your wedding videos so quickly???. This may seem a little silly to write a whole blog post on ? but trust me, it could transform your editing process. When it?s 2020 (or even next year) and you decide it?s essential that you re-open a project from 2014?you?ll thank me! OR for that matter, if you work off of multiple computers/hard drives, this is critically important.

Let me preface ? DON?T STRESS if after reading this you realize you?ve been using a silly process to organize your video projects up until this point. It?s all a learning experience. That?s why we?re here to help show you a few simple strategies to work smarter, save time, and produce better videos.

For each kind of project you work on, you want to make sure that you and your entire team share the same organizational workflow. Otherwise it?s confusing and inefficient to figure out how a project file is organized. It would be like navigating a maze to open, locate, and sort footage if you?re not used to the format and structure of a project. It takes a little bit of work up front, but organizing your project files can also save you from having to completely redo a project!

So, there?s no right or wrong way to organize as long as you follow a few guidelines for organizing your wedding projects. Since I?m a wedding cinematographer, I?ll use a wedding as our example in this blog post. FYI ? I prefer editing in Adobe Premiere, even though I?m trained to use Final Cut Pro as well.

This information should be used as a guide ? as you?ll develop your own preferences with experience. read more...

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