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I hope everyone is having a good summer. At Red Giant, we decided to delay our summer vacation plans a bit to complete a few new technologies and do a little house cleaning. We are in our twelfth year as a company, which for Sean and I, is a little hard to believe. We started the company with the very simple idea of making higher-end technology available to, and usable by anyone. And more importantly, use the golden rule as our guide to taking care of customers. I’m very proud of our success over the last eleven years. Today we have nearly fifty products, over 200,000 users, 300+ free high-quality tutorials, and have made five films that have been viewed more than 2 million times. We’ve influenced TV and film production with our motion graphics, visual effects, color correction and filmmaking tools. However, while I do believe we’re pretty awesome, I also think we suck at some things too – and I’ll get to that shortly.

The thing about the Red Giant team that I cherish most is that, every year, we all get together, mostly because we are a virtual company and like hanging out together. But we also like to evaluate our business and talk about the future. We have a certain duality about our culture. We are casual, joke often, and don’t take things too seriously. But we also have a very ambitious side. We want to make our mark, influence the industry and enable filmmakers and motion graphic artists to do more, and to accomplish things they couldn’t have done, without us. We also view that one of our business responsibilities is to reinvest significant portions of our profit into new products and creating a better experience for our customers.

Three new technologies

It started about two years ago during a Red Giant retreat. Through some soul searching and reflection, we decided to attempt something bigger, something that could have a much farther reaching effect on our industry and customers. We decided to take a large sum of money, hire a relatively large team and build three new technologies that we knew would be amazing, because we would fully leverage everything we’ve learned over the last decade. We are proud to announce two of those technologies today.

A revolution after the camera

Like many of you, when the new Canon 5D shipped we quickly bought some of them and used them on our films. In fact, our first movie was called Plot Device (which now has over 1 million views and was fortunate enough to win a Webby). And wow, the footage from that camera was amazing. But wow was it a nightmare to manage all that media. So we made a little tool called Grinder, that could at least easily transcode the files to get them to work on a timeline. But we knew the problem was bigger than that. What about backups, file organization, on-set color correction, playback, and broader export options? These were legitimate problems, but certainly daunting. Our ambitious side prevailed and we decided to tackle the entire problem. We decided to solve the most important functions filmmakers needed between the camera and editor. Because like you, we like the shooting part, we like the editing part, but everything in between is a pain in the ass. read more...

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