What Avid’s Moves Mean

Capria TV by Frank Capria
Q: Can Media Composer at $2,495 compete with Final Cut Studio? A: It doesn’t have to.
image Avid’s finally taken the action many have been calling for. It’s decided to simplify its product line, dropping Xpress Pro and lowering the price of Media Composer. The consensus in various forums and mailing lists is that this is another example of too little, too late from Avid. I respectfully dissent. Too late? Only time will tell. Back in May 2006 I suggested it was time to put Xpress Pro out to pasture to gasps from Avid marketing types in the audience. Too little? That’s harder to say. By maintaining its distance from Final Cut Pro in terms of pricing, Avid is saying that it doesn’t compete on price with Final Cut Pro. Now Avid has to articulate its justification for that strategy. read more...

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