What Cerevo LiveWedge HD Video Switcher Can and Can't Do

Get a thorough overview of Cerevo's LiveWedge HD video switcher that combines mixing, recording, and streaming all in one. Anthony Burokas takes a good look at this device, highlighting the useful LiveWedge app, too.

Review: Cerevo LiveWedge FullHD Video Switcher

Streaming Media blog by Anthony Burokas As more budget HD mixers enter the market, how does a manufacturer get their product to stand out? The most likely approach is to build in functionality that would normally require another, expensive, external device, such as streaming or recording. How about both? At the bare-bones level, there are very few mixers that offer the capability that the Cerevo LiveWedge offers, although this device does come with a few caveats. Let me introduce you to what the LiveWedge can, and can't do....

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