What did he edit that with?

Little Frog in High Def

I know what you all are asking yourselves: “What did Shane edit that NAB wrap-up video with?” Plenty of you asked on Twitter, and I know you WOULD have asked on my blog in the comments…but I offered up the information before you could. Because I knew you’d ask.

So yes, I used Adobe Premiere CS5.5 to start the edit…mainly the inputting and organization part…and pulling the selects I wanted to use. Because that’s what I had on my laptop, and that’s what was on the work machine I used while I had some downtime. But then I did the bulk of the editing using Adobe CS6.something-that-is-in-beta. So that I could do my part in testing and bug hunting, and so that I could dip my toes in the app and see how it works.

I will say that this project was PERFECT for Adobe Premiere. I shot the NAB video with my Canon T2i (550D for all you Europeans) and a GoPro Hero 2, and I edited the footage from both cameras natively…without transcoding. This was…OK on my laptop and the work computer, but only OK. Because neither had a graphics card to enable CUDA and let the Freddie Mercury Engine loose on my footage. So scanning the footage was stuttery, playing back was as well. But once I opened up the project on my Octocore 3.0 Ghz MacPro with 12GB RAM, NVidia GTX285 card…it was butter. And it was really cool to have external monitoring AND the Mercury Playback working at the same time.

The opening sequence and me drinking the fantastic strawberry shake from the Mad Greek in Baker, CA was done with the GoPro. The bulk of the interview and all of the b-roll done with the T2i. And I used a condenser mic connected to the camera via a simple adapter. I did attempt to use the GoPro as an off-angle b-camera, but because I lacked the LCD attachement, I only guessed at the shot, and all but one (the MOTU interview…although that was bad too) was very poorly composed. I blame the camera operator for not having his shit together. Oh…that was me.) read more...

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