What to do if you forget to deactivate your Avid, Adobe license?

mc_activation_failedThis is a great article by Scott. Our customers run into this all the time. You forget to deactivate your work machine and then when you get home you can't edit. Here's the quick fix for Adobe & Avid editors.
ProVideo Coalition by Scott Simmons I had a frustrating scare of my own making recently when I went to boot Avid Media Composer on my laptop, outside of my usual office, and realized instantly as I clicked the icon that I had forgotten to deactivate my MC install at the office before I left. I began to panic as I knew I couldn’t go to the office to deactivate my desktop machine so I could then activate my laptop install. My first thought: Why can’t Avid do it like Adobe does? Here we are in a brave new world of subscription licensing for our editing applications. A subscription means that you have to activate the license somehow, someway and that that means the install is going to check in with the mothership (that’s a simplified way of how it works but subscriptions do have to check in). This isn’t a discussion about subscription licensing in general (as that is a tired debate) but about what happens if you need to use your subscription on a different machine that the one that is active. read more...

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