What Makes Angelbird The Better Choice

In today's webinar, Adam goes over the many reasons why Angelbird is a superior choice for media storage.


Angelbird only offers the highest quality and engineers the latest technology for creative production.

  • Commitment to making the best media solutions
  • Constant tweaking to better their technology
  • Getting more camera certifications daily
  • Commitment to only release a new card when 100% confident in the tech


Angelbird designs and engineers products you can trust. They understand that confidence in your equipment is the key to your creative freedom.

  • Perfect for a complete workflow
  • Don't worry about tons of backuo
  • P.S. backups are always good!


Angelbird produces for the individual. They respond to the individual. Some companies produce for the masses. Not Angelbird.

  • Have a problem? Angelbird wants to hear about it.
  • Constant upgrading certifications 


Attention to functionality. Angelbird designs features that consider the realities of real-world work environments. 

  • Work with real engines for workflow optimization
  • Angelbird are real people with real world experience

Angelbird Offers Storage Solutions for all Workflows:

  • RED
  • ARRI
  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Nikon
  • Fujifilm
  • Canon
  • And more!

CFexpress 2.0 Type B Cards

Get seamless footage in up to 12K resolution with the highest sustained speed recording available. The next generation of recording media features red and write speeds far exceeding the minimum requirements of any camera on the market today. CFexpress is the de facto media technology of the future.

CFast 2.0 Cards

High capacity media for continous shooting and extensive RAW video recording. CFast media is the choice of leading camera manufacturers and industry professionals due to its mobility and rugged workhouse capabilities that produce flawless results even in demanding and prolong shooting situations. 


Fast, reliable, and universally compatible memory cards for photo and video recording. Our high performing SDXC UHS-II V60 and V90 cards are produced in small production runs and engineered with exacting detail for speed, performance, and reliability in a variety of applications ranging from DSLR and cinema cameras to drones and action cams.

Memory Card Readers

Large file offloading at unrestricted speeds. Jump into post-production work or manage card capacity quickly with card readers that support up to 20Gb/s data transfers. Angelbird's SDXC UHS-II CFast 2.0 and CFexpress Type B memory card readers feature a recessed logic for connection stability that is also physically compatible with any Thunderbolt 3/4 cable. 

Custom Media for Atomos

Learn more about Angelbird HERE

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