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Matrox MXO Users Clip "I'm Frank Capria. I'm an editor and motion graphics artist at Kingpin Interactive. I've been editing for about 20 years now and I've been a motion graphics artist for about 10 years. I bought the MXO thinking, OK, this is exactly what I need to get HD SDI out of a portable system and it's turned out that we've really used it more for it's downconvert capabilities. It does a beautiful down conversion to standard def, I can output to SDI. We're acquiring almost everything in HD but there's a lot SD deliverables and having something that allows the client to see, in real time, the output in 4 by 3 center cut†¦ the MXO's been a godsend. It's the exact tool I've needed. I like to work here in my home studio and clients don't often like to schlep all the way out here. The MXO allows me to bring a whole high definition post-production system out to a client's site with minimal hassle."
Frank Capria, Kingpin Interactive, Boston, MA
"Following the Mexican government's mandate, TV Azteca started broadcasting in HD in 2006. HD is the way of the future and it was very important to us to record as much material as possible at the World Cup using HD equipment so that we will have optimum quality archival footage to be used in the future. Our workflow was very smooth. The combination of the Apple and Matrox equipment performed beautifully and let us deliver top-quality pictures to our viewers. It also let us meet our goal of doing it very economically."
Jorge Pickering, Director of Technical Services, TV Azteca Mexico
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