What you Need to Build a Video Editing PC in 2021

When it comes to video editing, to truly do the job right you need a PC work station that is up to the task.  But what elements truly make a great video editing PC workstation?  Building your own PC is becoming more and more popular.  There are certainly some elements those working on a project like this should take into consideration.  

Premiumbeat.com recently posted a great rundown of some elements that are absolutely essential to building a PC that can function as a cutting edge video editing workstation.  We'll be taking a look at some highlights from that article, below.  

"To get the most out of your computer, it’s better if you build it yourself. Computer parts are more affordable than ever, and there are many guides, tutorials, and PC help forums to walk you through any question or issue."


What’s in a PC?

The pieces of importance when building a PC will depend entirely on a users function in the post production process.  Most users will want to spend most of their budget on the CPU, but visual effects artists should focus more on the GPU. 


The motherboard functions as the foundation of your entire PC.  In most parts of your computer GPU, RAM, an other hardware are interchangeable, Motherboards will have specific CPU sockets. 

Picking up a motherboard with an Intel CPU socket means you can’t upgrade to an AMD CPU without buying a completely new motherboard. And, while motherboards are not nearly the most expensive component in a PC, they’re still not cheap. For the sake of upgrading the systems listed further down in this article, all the motherboards below use the same AM4 socket, which only supports AMD Ryzen CPUs.



The Premiumbeat.com article goes into much further detail, and truly gives a great look at buildiing your PC from the ground up.  We see it as a very valuable resource.  Check out the full article, HERE.

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