What you Need to Know to get Started Live Streaming

Many people have recently been forced to become live streaming experts- wether they work for an educational institution, or a government institute- and many in between.

Roland Pro AV recently posted a great article on their blog, covering how to get started in live streaming. In the article, they outlined the basic categories to consider, when starting your stream.

Essential Hardware: You need a comprehensive list of the hardware you will need in order to go live. More importantly, still, is a concrete understanding of how that equipment works, and how it will help you product a live stream.

Some components to consider are:

  • One or more cameras
  • One or more microphones
  • A computer or smartphone
  • Your gaming console- if you are streaming gaming content

A/V Switching and Encoding Devices: This is the most important piece to the puzzle. The encoder or switcher you are using to produce the stream will determine the quality and look of your stream.

Some Easy to Learn Switchers from Roland Are:

Streaming Platforms: The destination that you are streaming too is also important to know ahead of time. Each streaming destination is better suited for different kinds of content.

Check out this guide from Roland to Learn More.

Learn more about Roland HERE.

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