What's Coming in the Next Mac Pro? Predicting Apple's 'Pro' Future

nofilmschool by Lou Borella

It’s no secret that Apple has neglected to update the Mac Pro line in any significant way since 2010. In fact, both the iMac and the Macbook Pro have gotten a few major revisions just in that time span, and many have turned to building Hackintoshes to satisfy the growing need for professional equipment (and to save a few bucks). We’re getting word from CEO Tim Cook that one should be coming in 2013, but the details have been vague. A Facebook page was started by Lou Borella, a freelance editor/animator, to bring together professionals looking for Apple to address this growing issue. Now that the new Apple philosophy is becoming more clear, Lou has addressed the state of Apple and the Mac Pro line, and what he thinks will be coming in the next version.

This is a guest post from Lou Borella.

We have no idea what 2013 holds for Mac Pro users. But I think I can make a few intelligent predictions.

1. There will be no optical drive. Face it, if you are still holding out for Blu Ray then you haven’t been paying attention.

2. There will be no Firewire 800. Its been slowly disappearing from every piece of hardware Apple has released over the last 2 years. Live with the dongle. read more...

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