What's Driving the Augmented & Virtual Reality Explosion

reality-matrixThe folks over at TechCrunch have put together this really informative article into the technologies and companies driving the Augmented & Virtual Reality industry. Which they say is going to grow into a $150 Billion, that Billion with a "B", industry by 2020. As you know Videoguys is following this industry closely and hopes to become your source for VR/AR content creation tools, technology and knowledge. Techcrunch by Tim Merel Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality won’t get going properly until next year, but we’re already seeing a healthy level of competition between early market players. While internal market competition is inevitable, the fight that really matters is between AR/VR’s installed base and the huge incumbent smartphone and tablet market (PCs and consoles enable VR, rather than competing with it). There are more than 4 billion smartphones and tablets today, and this is set to hit 6 billion by 2020. In contrast, AR and VR hope to go from a standing start in 2016 to hundreds of millions of units in the same timeframe. So while $150 billion AR/VR revenue by 2020 is a really big number, the trillions generated by mobile put it in perspective. AR and VR companies should have nightmares about Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi, not each other. read more...

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