What's new in EDIUS 8.5 (5 part series)

Get a look at the new features of Grass Valley's EDIUS 8.5 in the videos below, put together by DVCTraining.co.uk. EDIUS Pro 8 includes native support for all commonly used file formats, including Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2 and Canon XF and EOS movie formats. For post- roduction work you can use Grass Valley’s high performance intermediate 10-bit codec, HQX, and there is an option available to add the Avid DNxHD codec (included is standard in the Workgroup version). Where EDIUS Pro 8 really shines, however, is with its fast and comprehensive implementation of newer file formats, for example Sony XAVC (Intra/ Long GOP)/XAVC S, Panasonic AVC-Ultra, and Canon XF-AVC. With EDIUS Pro 8, you’ll always beable to edit, whatever format comes your way. Unlike other NLE software providers, Grass Valley believes that you should own what you pay for. With EDIUS Pro 8, there are no ongoing subscription fees.When you purchase EDIUS Pro 8, you get a permanent license with free updates throughout the life of EDIUS Pro 8.x. Plus, you can install EDIUS Pro 8 on two machines, soyou can have it with you on your laptop (using proxy mode on a less powerful notebook, if needed), as well on a more powerful desktop machine. That way, youcan take your edit suite on location with you. EDIUS software now available for download on Videoguys for $479!

DVC Training.co.uk

In April 2017 Grass Valley released EDIUS 8.5, which added support for new video formats, improved exporting of MP4 files and Blu-ray discs and finished the work to make EDIUS scale properly on a 4K screen. In these videos we look at the different options.

What's new in EDIUS 8.5 part 1 : H265 support
What's new in EDIUS 8.5 - part 2 : Faster and better H.264 encoding
What's new in EDIUS 8.5 - part 3 : The primary colour corrector
What's new in EDIUS 8.5 - part 4 : Working great on a 4K computer screen
What's new in EDIUS 8.5 - part 5 : The audio mixer & playhead changes

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