What's New in Photoshop CS6 for Video and Motion

By Richard Harrington

I recently an eSeminar on the new features in Photoshop that benefits the motion graphic artist and video editor.

I covered many new features in this one hour session, and here’s a brief outline of the features and how you can use them in productions:

  • The adaptive wide angle feature to improve your images
  • Search features to find layers and effects used in a project
  • Blur tools to enhance and blur portions of an image to use as background plates
  • Content Aware tools to scale and improve aspect ratios in images
  • Camera RAW improvements to help you remove noise
  • Crop tool presets to create broadcast ready images
  • Accelerated special effects in Photoshop that speed your editing workflow
  • Text style features for creating lower thirds
  • Color correction tools that can be used for quick and easy color grading
  • Cloning tools that help remove distracting elements in a video clip
  • Bridge basics to name and share images with clients

In case you missed it, we have posted a recording of the eSeminar.

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