What's new in Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6.0 (Liquid HD)

LE6 interface Guy Barwood is one of the Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 beta testers. He has been given permission by Pinnacle to post this page. "This is a list I have put together of what's new, and what's not in Liquid Edition 6. Not all features listed below are available in all versions, and I can not yet work out which version I actually have (complicated storey!). This list is not complete either. There are new features I am sure I have missed." What's new in Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6.0 (Liquid HD) You can also learn more about LE6 by visiting the Pinnacle Liquid Edition Community web board One of the moderators has posted several what's new articles and beta testers are permitted to participate in the discussions.

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