What's New in Sony Vegas Pro 13?

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A quick look at the latest new features in Sony Vegas Pro 13, including the Vegas Pro Connect iPad app, a proxy-first workflow for mobile and 4K editors, and true, four-range loudness meters.

Triskaidekaphobia. The word rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? Fear of the number 13. Unlucky? Not if you’re in Italy, where 13 is considered a lucky number. Except for southern Italy. But I digress, even before I’ve begun.

Sony Creative Software recently released version 13 of its flagship Vegas Pro editing software for the Windows platform. In this article I’m going to give an overview of the new features and in the coming weeks we will dive deeper into the lucky charms that 13 holds. That’s the last "13" reference--I promise.

Apple Support

Wait... what? No, after all these years as a Windows-only application, the new version of Vegas Pro does not run natively on the Mac (many folks do run Vegas under Bootcamp, however). But Vegas Pro 13 comes with a slick iPad app called Vegas Pro Connect to allow remote control of a Vegas session. This is extremely forward thinking for Sony, and is way up there on the “cool” scale.

What does an Apple iPad app do for Vegas Pro? A lot. You can share your editing session with clients on their own iPads, whether or not they are in front of your PC. Perhaps you work in a corporate environment where someone more senior than you needs to review your work. You can be at your edit station working, and they can be viewing a proxy file on their iPad (on the same network), making edit decisions during playback that update your live Vegas project on the fly. read more...

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