What?s New in the Fall release of Premiere Pro CC 2014.1

DAV's TechTable by Dave Helmley

A New Look:
We?ve been very busy working with our customers over the past year and watching them edit and taking note (wishlists) .As a result , we?ve designed a whole new streamlined interface with a new look and feel .

Search Bins
With Search Bins you can organize and sort media in large projects automatically for much improved discoverability of your project assets. When you search for items in the Project Panel , you can save the results as a Search Bin. Search once and use continue to use the results ? I?ve been using it quite a bit and I?m already hooked. Remember these are just aliases of the original project items and not copied media so there are no worries about duplicated media. Once they are set up, no further user intervention is required: Search criteria are persistent so Search bins update automatically as relevant content is added to the project.

Render & Replace:
My prayers have been answered on this feature (more like 10 year meditation) . Now you can right click on a Dynamic Link or other effects heavy clip and Render it in place . Speed up your playback of VFX-heavy sequences by rendering After Effects compositions into flattened video clips. AND YES YOU CAN - always revert back to the original comps if you need to. read more...

Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 and New Features:

In this video ,I'll give you a quick tour of all the new features of the 2014.1 release of Premiere Pro. Features like our new streamlined interface , Search Bins, Project Manager, Working with multiple projects, Consolidate & Transcode, GoPro CineForm Codec,HiDPI support, Source Monitor Timeline View,New RAW Support for AJA/Sony/Canon, GPU playback enhancements, Render and Replace, Enhanced Tracking , and more....

A Deeper Look at the GoPro CineForm Codec and Project Manager

In this video , I'll give you a quick tour of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.1(new for Fall of 2014) and the new GoPro CineForm codec as well as quick overview of the new redesigned Project Manager which can now Consolidate and Transcode to help manage those huge 4K, 5K and 6K assets and projects. Special thanks to Devin Graham and Team SuperTramp here on YouTube for their continued support.

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