What’s New in the Oct 2013 Pro Video CC releases

DAV's TechTable by Dave Helmly

So many things to cover on the latest CC updates for the Pro Video apps. As you’ll see, the Pro Video team has been extremely busy to deliver user requests , bugs, and looking towards the future of our video apps. This cycle had “All Hands on Deck” or should I say, all Adobe Pro Video engineers had “All Hands on Keyboards” coding throughout the day and night.

A few of my favorite things to call out in these releases.

Premiere Pro 7.1

  1. Support for Cinema DNG format for cameras like the BlackMagic Cinema Camera
  2. Editable Sequence Settings
  3. Rippling Sequence Markers
  4. Sequence Hover Scrubbing in Media Browser and Project Bin
  5. Better 4K playback performance for cameras like the Canon 1Dc and new support for the RED Dragon 6K & Phantom.
  6. Improved Workflow between Premiere and SpeedGrade NEW DirectLink !!

After Effects 12.1

  1. New Mask Tool – Mask Tracker
  2. Anywhere support – Early Access
  3. Additional GPU support – same as Premiere Pro CC (any card with 1GB can be turned on)

Adobe Media Encoder 7.1

  1. Water Marking on output
  2. GPU Support

I know I already said this for the 7.01 releases back in July, but again, I’ve never seen anything like this set of new updates. They are really more like new releases than updates. I’ve already seen what’s coming next and I can assure you, it’s a crowd pleaser and clearly defines the difference between where we were and where we are going. It’s all about innovation lead by user requests.

I hope our users clearly see a pattern here. Our engineering teams now have the freedom to get new features and enhancements in front of the people that need them NOW. As I said in the last blog entry, if you want to be more proactive in feedback requests, you can use the Product Improvement Program feature built in all of our applications under the Help Menu. We really do read these comments daily. read more and watch the video

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