What's (NOT) in the box?!

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Adobe has announced that it’s going halt production of BOXED versions of it’s ADOBE CREATIVE PACKAGES and this feels like a GOOD thing for us in Post Production.


Take Premiere for instance. After the CS6 update I was still frustrated and wrote a long list of Feature Requests for the next Premiere Pro version - but I knew I was going to have to wait a whole year before any of those would “possibly” find their way inside the BOX - and how many feature requests could actually happen inside the timeframe for the next scheduled BOX release as well?

So, the entrance of an all subscription model means:

We can actually get UPDATES and FEATURE additions AND we don’t have to ultimately wait until the next box release!

The box release became the hindrance - new features can’t happen after the box release is out into the wild. Bug fixes, sure.

Adding in a feature request… nope!

Simple business I assume. Stock holders want to know that there are enough features to add into the next version of PREMIERE for instance so that the upgrade price is not only justifiable, but highly likely for the buyers/upgraders. read more...

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