What's so cool about Atomos AtomX Sync?

Atomos's new AtomX line debued at this year's IBC show, this line includes the AtomX Sync module for the new Ninja V monitor, this device will make audio and video syncing issues a thing of the past. Check out the article below to find out more about the AtomX Sync.

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Debuting at IBC 2018, the new Atomos AtomX Sync module for the Ninja V monitor recorder makes your audio and video syncing issues a thing of the past. And there is also the AtomX Ethernet/NDI…

The new Ninja V monitor recorder was designed with modularity at its heart, and to confirm that’s true, Atomos announced at IBC 2018 that the Ninja V is ready to be released, and debuted an expansion system that uses the Ninja V’s bi-directional high speed expansion port breaking out connectivity for I/O of video, audio and power: AtomX.Atomos AtomX Sync: audio and video syncing issues are a thing of the past

The expansion system, said to offer endless scalability is demonstrated by the first of many modules – the AtomX Ethernet/NDI at $199 and the AtomX Sync at $149. Both are important, but let’s look at the second first, because it brings professional, long range, wireless timecode and genlock to any HDMI source, including DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, meaning it is something that everybody will want to have in their kit. There is also simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity for Ninja V app control, and additional sync functionality using Bluetooth to any compatible video, audio device or smartphone app.

AtomX Sync makes it easy to integrate large sensor consumer cameras easily into traditional live productions. All captured video will share a common frame-accurate timecode that can be recognized by all mainstream NLEs. The module docks directly into the Atomos Ninja V monitor/recorder’s modular expansion slot and is fully controlled and integrated with the AtomOS operating system and touchscreen interface...read more

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