336-C33-Editing-SECONDARY_1Over the past two years we've seen a change in how video editing softwar gets sold to our customers. Adobe started the transition to the subscription model with Creative Cloud. Since then Avid has also offered subscritions, but unlink Adobe, Avid is giving their customers the choice to purchase or subscribe. One of the key advantages of the subscription model is that it allows the vendors to constantly offer new updates, features and performance, rather then having to wait for their annual dot release. The Videoguys sales techs are here to answer all your questions about buying or renting NLE softare. Videomaker by W.H. Bourne
To rent or not to rent? That is ultimately the question. With high-end editing software now available through affordable subscription services, it has many editors debating their software choices and licensing options. We'll examine the advantages and disadvantages of renting versus buying in the digital software production arena.

Purchasing Software

In the beginning, purchasing software on a floppy, disc or dongle was the only option. The software was very expensive, but you owned it. You may have either purchased a computer or built one yourself, tailored to the specifications of that software, including the purchase of a specific operating system. The computer and software also worked great with your camera until you decided to upgrade that camera; now the software may not recognize the codec for the camera, but fortunately for you, the software manufacturer has posted updates online. Additionally, owning a physical copy of the software provided the benefit of being able to re-install the software when you made repairs or upgrades to your computer. Until recently, this was the model of licensing software that we all were familiar with. read more...

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