Where are all the Thunderbolt PCs and Devices?

Screenlight by Chris Potter

One question that I've seen crop up repeatedly is, where are all the PCs and devices with Thunderbolt ports?

Even with Apple's strong promotional support of the technology, there have been fewer devices than people anticipated, and they have taken longer to materialize than many of us would have liked.

Mass adoption may have been delayed by Apple's defacto year of exlusivity for use on computers, but that's not the whole story.

The Hold Up

ARS Technica just posted a new article that discusses what's been holding Thunderbolt up. The post suggests that the biggest factor behind the relatively slow rollout has been Intel's licensing and certification process.

The author spoke with a number of different vendors and manufacturers who indicated that Intel has been "cherry picking which vendors it worked with". While Intel has denied this in the past, at CES, Jason Ziller, the Director of Thunderbolt Marketing and Planning at Intel, told Ars that it:

"worked closely" with vendors it felt could "offer the best products" and could meet its stringent "certification requirements."

According to Ars, it looks as if Intel gave priority to selected vendors because of its own limited resources to certify and license new products. read more...

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