Who is Wirecast Live Streaming For? Capture, Produce, Stream Videoguys Live Webinar

Wirecast is a valuable tool for live streamers looking to create a professional, intuitive live stream for their audience.  The Software encoder is fits at home in streaming workflows for house of worship, education, corporate streaming and more.  Wirecast comes in two flavors, Wirecast Studio, and Wirecast Pro. 

On today's Videoguys Live, we're going to be looking into the different versions of Wirecast, what features are available in each one, and how they fit into your streaming workflow.  

Check out the full webinar, below:

Wirecast Studio:

Wirecast Studio is perfect for church services, corporate communications, online learning, news broadcasting, live events and more.  Studio works on any modern computer including PC, Mac, Laptops, Desktops, iMac, or Surfaces. 

Wirecast Studio also comes packed with the features you see below.  

  • PC & Mac Compatible
  • Unlimited inputs
  • Unlimited destinations
  • 2 simultaneous conferencing guests with Rendezvous
  • Integrated Stock Media Library
  • There is no better way to produce your live videos.

Wirecast studio is a great entry into streaming with Wirecast that is sure to step your live streaming workflow up to the next level, coming in at just $599.  

Wirecast Pro:

While Wirecast Studio is a great tool for live streaming, Wirecast Pro is the one stop shop for everything you need to create an excellent stream.  Wirecast Pro will come with a host of features including PTZ Camera control, NDI output and more.  Of course, this is just the tip of the ice berg.  

Check out some of the expanded features of Wirecast Pro, Below

  • All the features of Wirecast Studio
  • Expanded inputs & ​audio capabilities​
  • 7 simultaneous conferencing guests with Rendezvous​
  • 3D Virtual Sets​
  • PTZ Camera Control​
  • NDI Output    

Wirecast Pro is for those who want the best of the best, working with the top tech available.  It fits snugly in sports production and full upscale broadcasts at $799.

Videoguys Uses Wirecast Pro:

Not only are we big believers in the Wirecast software, but we used Wirecast Pro to mix this show.  We were able to push the technology to bring our live webinar to our audience in its typical format, with all of our standard elements, graphics and production value. 

Wirecast Insider and Premium Access Plans

Both versions of Wirecast come equiped with a year of Wirecast Insider Access.  The Insider Access plan adds a tremendous amount of value and capability to the already powerful Wirecast Software.  After the first year, Wirecast Insider Access comes out to $99/year.  For those that want to add even more capability and support, there is also Wirecast Premium Access at $299/year.  

Check out this chart, comparing some of the features
of Insider Access vs Premium Access

Wirecast Stock Media Library:

One of the most exciting features of Wirecast Insider Access, and therefore Premium Access, is access to Wirecast Stock Media Library.  The stock media library gives users more than a half million royalty free media assets including video, music and lower thirds.  

Check out this video from Telestream to learn more. 

Capture with Wirecast:

Unlimited Sources:

Use either version of Wirecast to pull in cameras, microphones, webcams, IP Cameras, or use the Free Wireless Camera App for iOS.  With Pro you can also expand the capabilities of these inputs. 

Wirecast Go:

This free iPhone app allows you to add unlimited iPhones as camera sources to your Wirecast project via your local area network (LAN).  This is accomplished via Wirecast Go's free local camera feature. 

Rendezvous Conferencing with Remote Guests:

Rendezvous is Telestream's built in peer to peer video conferencing system, built right into the software encoder itself.  The integrated software allows a remote guest to join from anywhere simply by clicking a link.  

With Wirecast Studio, users have access to two remote guests via Rendezvous, and with Pro that access is expanded to seven guests.  

NDI and Web Capture:

Wirecast also allows for web capture, and is an NDI aware system.  This vastly expands the amount of resources that can be used in a Wirecast Broadcast.  

Achieve the following with this Feature:

  • Capture a variety of IP sources or anything on your computer screen or other computers. Automatically detect NDI sources. 
  • Built-in web-browser can display live web pages.

Check out this Chart Detailing the Differences Between Studio and Pro when it comes to Capturing with Wirecast:

Produce with Wirecast:

Social Media Integration:  

Wirecast features built in Twitter comment curation and display, integrated Facebook Polling, and live viewer counts to keep you engaged with your audience.

Integrated PTZ Control with Wirecast Pro:​

Wirecast Pro features PTZ control built directly into the software to elevate your production.  This works great with cameras such as PTZOptics PTZ cameras, or BirdDog PTZ Cameras- among many others.  There's also customization options for your controller, with three different ways to control.  Users can also attach external controllers like the XKeys Keyboard to use presets. 

Replay, Scoreboard, Clocks and Timers with Wirecast Pro: 

Wirecast Pro is the perfect tool for live sports producers with it's host of expanded graphics and elements specifically for sporting events.  This includes scoreboards, clocks, timers and more. 

Check out this chart highlighting the Differences of Producing
with Wirecast Studio Vs Wirecast Pro: 

Stream with Wirecast:

Unlimited Destinations:

Wirecast allows users to stream to unlimited destinations simultaneously- a valuable feature not found in every encoder.  This includes platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo Live and more.  Users can also input a custom RTMP or set Wirecast to the new SRT caller mode, meaning it can fit in any live streaming workflow. 

ISO Recording with Wirecast Pro:

Archive each live video input to a clean, unmodified file, separate from your composited program recording. Great for post-production workflows, and each ISO can be used as a live instant replay source!

Utilize Expanded Output Options with Wirecast Pro:​

With Wirecast Pro users can send a program feed out of Wirecast Via NDI, which allows for a ton of flexibility for where it can be sent.  Outputs can also be sent via SDI or HDMI.  There's also the option to use virtual camera or microphone out.  Lastly, Wirecast Pro also offers a 1-17 slot multiviewer.  

Going live With Wirecast:

We've used Wirecast on multiple occasions to go live from our homes, create broadcasts with remote guests and more. 
Check out some of these webinars, below. 

Learn more about Wirecast HERE.

Check out the Webinar on YouTube HERE.

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