Why I have moved over to Adobe Premiere CS6 from Final Cut 7

By Philip Bloom

I learnt to edit tape to tape about 16 years ago at Sky News whist working as a News Cameraman. It made my camerawork SO much better. It was a great way to learn to edit. No “Apple Z”, you had to make hard decisions and stick with them. You also had to be FAST.

My first editing experience on an NLE was Final Cut Pro 1. I used this for personal stuff on my mac. At work I trained up on Avid Newscutter and Media Composer. It felt very natural and easy. I loved it.

When I went freelance 6 and a half years ago I invested in Final Cut Studio as it was the most affordable editing solution for me. I knew it well and Avid was too expensive for me and at the time needed additional hardware. Once I made that investment I stuck with it.

I love Final Cut. I am incredibly fast on it and I can almost edit blindfolded. But for over 3 years it stuck where it was. It didn’t use the hardware of my fancy new macbook pros or iMacs or macros. It didn’t use my memory. Speed performance just stuck where it was. I desperately wanted a Final Cut Studio 4. It didn’t come. Last year Apple came out with FCPX. A revolutionary editing system that is very progressive and bold. But it didn’t and still doesn’t do a lot of what I want. I bought it, tried it and went back to 7. In the meantime I messed around with the Avid MC5.5 and now 6. 6 is a huge improvement and is one of the best editing platforms out there. Keeping up to speed on it for me is essential even though it is not something I use professionally right now. I tested out CS5.5 last year and found it clunky, unattractive interface but with nice features. It wasn’t for me. Especially as without an Nvidia card I wasn’t getting the full speed benefits of the Mercury Engine.

When I was offered the chance to BETA test CS6 I jumped at it. I got it a few months ago and have been sinking my teeth into it and found it incredibly rewarding and exactly what I needed FCP to become. It’s also better for mac users without Nvidia cards as the Open CL means we can get Mercury Engine working on no Nvidia graphics cards. read more...

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