Why is Boris Red a Great Plug-in for Avid Editors?
HomeImageOur friend Kevin P. McAuliffe reviews Boris Red and talks about why Avid editors need to add it to thier toolkit. Kevin reminds us that many Avid editors are already familiar with Boris Red because for many years it shipped with Media Composer as Avid FX. Kevin points out that Avid editors who already own Avid FX can upgrade to Boris Red for $295 a fantastic deal! This indepth article also goes intot the key differences between Boris Red and Boris Continuum Complete (BCC).
ProVideo Coalition by Kevin P. McAuliffe With the movement to larger than HD projects in Avid Media Composer, editors have had some hurdles to jump over when starting their new 2K/4K/UHD projects, and the biggest of which is the fact that neither title tool (Standard or Marquee) is supported in the newest version of Media Composer (8.4). With that being said, even if Avid were to get the title tools working in the next update, neither title tool has been updated in years (and years), so editors are looking for something to help add some much needed flare to their projects. New Media Composer editors, with their subscriptions, get access to both NewBluFX’s Title Pro 1 & 2, but what’s important to keep in mind is that Titler Pro is now at version 4, so you’re still a few features behind. So what do you do? Well, this article series is designed to introduce you to alternative titling options that you have at your disposal (at a cost), hopefully, without having to leave your Media Composer timeline. In the last article, we look at a standalone application, Zaxwerks ProAnimator, that was a fantastic option when it comes to creating stunning titles for your projects. It’s only issue is that it is a stand alone application with, obviously, no Media Composer integration. In this article, I’m going to take a look at Boris Red 5.5, which integrates directly into Media Composer, via an AVX2 plug-in, and is another fantastic option for you to create some excellent titling work. Something that I should point out before moving on, and that is that many editors might already have Boris Red, and not even know it yet. Pre-V8 of Media Composer, Avid was bundling Avid FX with Media Composer purchases, and they were bundling BCC8 with the Symphony add on. Avid FX is Boris Red rebranded specifically for Media Composer. Now, most people might say “So What?”. Well, if you’ve got Avid FX, you can use your license to upgrade Avid FX to the current version of Boris Red 5.5 for $295, instead of the full price of $695. Nothing wrong with saving a little bit of money to get yourself up to the current version! Now, In this article, we are talking about the Media Composer (AVX) version of Boris Red 5.5 (BR55), but I do want to point out that when/if you decide to purchase BR55, you get both a standalone version of the application, as well as the plug-in version for one price! This way, you don’t need to have the application open to do work, and create some cool graphics. You can create outside your NLE, and all that work will be accessible when you launch BR55 from within Media Composer. BR55 is also available for a wide host of applications including Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCP X, Motion 5, Resolve and Sony Vegas Pro as well. read more...
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