Why is iZotope RX4 the Audio App & Plugin for You?

1-1024x709Our good friend Kevin P McAuliffe put together this article and review for doddleNEWS. In it he explains not only the features of iZotope RX4, but why and how you can use them. iZotope RX is both a stand alone application and a plugin that supports a ton of audio and video programs including Avid Media Composer & ProTools, Apple Adobe Final Cut Pro & Logic, Premeire & Auditon, Sony Vegas & SoundForge and many more. We agree it is a fantastic plugin and must have for video editors working with live recordings such as weddings, events, concerts, press conferences, interviews and situations when you simply don't have the time or freedom to optimize the audio quality in the field.
Doddle by Kevin P McAuliffe Well, in this review, we’re going to take a look at an audio plugin package from iZotope called RX4, and why it’s something that if you work with a lot of location sound, or just bad audio in general, this plug-in package is the one for you. WHAT DO YOU GET Well, the first thing that I want to point out is that this plug-in package is for both Mac and Windows, which is great, and I also want to mention that we’ll be focusing on Avid Media Composer as our NLE is this review. You’ll see where it falls into place in just a second. Now, there are two “flavors” of RX4. The standard version, which will run you $349, and the Advanced version that will run you $1199. Now, before I get into the specifics of what you get, I want to mention that RX4 works as both a standalone application (some features are available in the standalone version only), and as a Media Composer plugin. Best part is that the plug-ins are all AAX plug-ins, meaning that they will run in both ProTools and the newest version of Media Composer, that now supports the AAX plug-in architecture. RX4 is also supported in Cubase, Nuendo, WaveLab, Logic, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Audition, SONAR, Vegas, Sound Forge Ableton Live, and many more. read more...

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