Why live streaming makes live performances better!

Julian Mitchell recently wrote an article for The Beat explaining why live streaming is vital for live performances. Since COVID-19 live streaming has become the new normal and although many thought that it would go away, it's here to stay. Theatres were greatly impacted by the pandemic and it is slowly coming back. 

Mitchell gives an example of the Apollo Theatres in New York who live streamed and now created a new type of show with a new virtual stage. 

"Branching out into the digital space has allowed us to bring Apollo programming much farther outside of our reach for in-person programming, and reach new potential audiences."
Kamilah Forbes, Executive Producer, Apollo

Another great example of how live streaming can benefit your theatre is the National Theatre in London. They started "NT at Home," which allowed sixteen million people to stream their shows over sixteen weeks in the Pandemic. 

Some Switchers recommended to start streaming in your theatre are the YoloBox Pro and the Roland V-02HD MK II. Both these switchers are a way to bring in different sources into your live stream which helps make it better! 

Check out the full article here


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