Why the Heck Should I Create Music in Pro Tools?

Avid Blogs by Andrew Wild

I talk to a lot of musicians and often get this blank look from them when I say that Pro Tools is one of the best environments for creating music. This type of comment is common, “Yes but Live, Cubase, Logic, DP—those are the apps for creating music”.

Well I like Live. It’s very different from a DAW app like Cubase, Logic and Pro Tools but a great place to start writing songs. But when it comes to trying to nail down a professional quality production and final mix, nothing comes close to Pro Tools and there are many professional Logic/Cubase users who do just that, move into Pro Tools to finish off the song. The reason every top studio uses Pro Tools is that it’s a straightforward, extremely capable and reliable recording and mixing environment with a lot of powerful editing and mixing tools.

But what about writing, playing, practicing and composing in Pro Tools? Pro Tools 11 delivered a major leap forward in the way that VIs are handled. Prior to Pro Tools 11, the 32-bit memory limitations hampered larger samples from being loaded into RAM, and with the new Avid Audio Engine in Pro Tools 11, ultra-efficient processing allows many more instances of Vis on the same laptop or computer, not to mention the dual buffers allowing for extremely low latency record monitoring while playing back complex tracks with plug-ins and VI’s on the larger playback buffer on native systems. And Pro Tools includes a lot of powerful MIDI features, it’s not just about editing and mixing audio. read more...

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