Why the new Videoguys.com logo? and Why now?

Videoguys Logo For those interested in the detailed background behind this design I would like to share some of our ideas with you. The former Videoguys logo was useful at the time and created with good reason. The folksy, low-tech design was created to contrast the highly technical niche we service. In its infancy, video editing on a computer was no easy task and our goal was to expand that market and reach out to the millions of camcorder owners worldwide to help make the technology a little less intimidating. Our philosophy remains the same but as computer capabilities increase and video editing applications become more main stream we have identified the next growth opportunity! The future of the industry is HD and the benefit of HD is more vivid and sharper colors with more realistic reproduction. Our new logo is a cleaner, more high-tech design created to represent the advantages of HD. The color wheel displays the full range of the RGB spectrum as displayed in HD. It is also commonly used in the color correction tools of the video editing applications in which we specialize. The wheels were repeated three times to represent the Component video signals required at the very least for an HD display. The circular pattern of the color wheel may also be seen as optical discs symbolizing the next generation of DVD Authoring technology including HD DVD and Blu Ray discs. Combined, we hope this graphic will evoke one or more of these reactions from our target market who will join Videoguys.com as we go "Leading the Way Into HD!"

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