Why upgrade from Matrox RT.X100 to Matrox RT.X2?

RTX2 Special upgrade offer for RT.X100/ RT2500 / RT2000 owners For a limited time, Matrox RT.X100 owners can save up to $200 on the purchase of the Matrox RT.X2 Both Matrox RT.X2 and Matrox RT.X100 are ideal for corporate communicators, event videographers, project studios, educational facilities, and digital filmmakers. There are, however, important differences between the two products. Matrox RT.X100 is designed for realtime DV editing and it has a dedicated, onboard GPU (graphics processing unit) to process Matrox Flex effects. Matrox RT.X2 is designed primarily for realtime native HDV and DV editing. Matrox RT.X2 is built on the award-winning Matrox Axio architecture that leverages CPU and GPU power. It relies on your system graphics card to process Matrox Flex GPU effects, providing more scalability. If you want to do more layers of 3D you can simply upgrade your graphics card. RT.X2 also provides a high-quality MPEG-2 4:2:2 I-frame codec so you can capture other HD and SD formats using RT.X2's analog inputs and mix all types of footage on the timeline in real time. With Matrox RT.X2, you get a high-performance, future-proof HDV and SD editing environment. RT.X2 features not found in RT.X100 †¢ Realtime, multi-layer native HDV editing - RT.X2 provides HD performance similar to what RT.X100 provides in SD †¢ Many more realtime layers of video and graphics in SD - on a reasonably performing system, you can expect to edit at least five native DV video layers plus six graphics layers and effects in real time †¢ Realtime MPEG-2 I-frame editing in HD and SD - this 4:2:2 codec provides high-quality capture from analog sources †¢ Realtime mixing of formats and resolutions on any timeline in real time - you can mix HD and SD material - no hassles, no rendering †¢ Realtime down conversion of a 1080i timeline to NTSC or PAL -- eliminates the need to render an SD copy of an HD master †¢ 23.98 fps editing for the film look in DV †¢ New Matrox Flex CPU and Flex GPU effects such as realtime primary and secondary color correction, realtime track matte, realtime surface finish, accelerated shine, etc. -the same professional effects found on Matrox Axio are provided on RT.X2 †¢ Analog component input and output in HD and SD lets you capture and record using higher-end sources such as Betacam, DigiBeta, etc. †¢ 1394 pass-through is provided on the RT.X2 breakout box †¢ Audio VU meters on capture let you easily make adjustments so you always capture audio at the proper signal level †¢ Faster than realtime DVD encoding (encoding speed depends on timeline complexity and system CPU and GPU power) †¢ Faster than realtime export to disk (export speed depends on timeline complexity and system CPU and GPU power) †¢ Full-resolution HD monitoring on an inexpensive flat panel display via independent DVI output - you can view full-quality HD on an affordable monitor RT.X2 provides tighter integration with Adobe Premiere Pro †¢ Realtime effects control integrated into the Premiere Pro user interface - there is no need to learn a custom UI, if you know how to use Premiere Pro and After Effects, you know how to use RT.X2 †¢ Voiceover is supported on RT.X2 †¢ 5.1 surround sound mixing and monitoring is supported on RT.X2 †¢ WYSIWYG support with dynamic Alt+Tab switching is now provided for the most popular applications - there is no need to close Premiere to have a preview output †¢ Adobe Dynamic Link support - RT.X2 lets you take full advantage of this key feature of Adobe Production Studio †¢ Realtime mixed-format multi-cam - your HDV and DV cameras can all be used as sources in a multi-cam shoot †¢ Safe title area and zooming of live window †¢ Additional realtime native Adobe effects: Crop, Dip to Black, Black and White, Additive Dissolve †¢ RT.X2 uses the Premiere Pro native "Scene Detect" feature for scan and capture in DV and HDV Other differences †¢ Most features of Matrox Media Tools are now found in Premiere Pro. †¢ Most features of Matrox Media Export are now found in Premiere Pro †¢ A few effects such as 3D tiles, particle effects, twirls, and cubes are not implemented on RT.X2 †¢ To enhance system compatibility, realtime "always output to 1394" is not offered on RT.X2 †¢ Realtime M2V capture is not implemented in the current release of RT.X2 Click here for more info or to order

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