Why we stitched to Adobe Premiere Pro and love it

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We don’t just rent out our studio to production teams across North America, we also produce content for our clients too. From corporate spots to visually-rich interactive training content, two things are incorporated into everything we do: green screen production and now Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Read on to learn more about why.

Adobe Premiere's Ultra Keyer

We have been Final Cut Pro users for years, and tested several of the green screen plugins available from Red Giant’s Primatte Keyer Pro, The Foundry’s Keylight to a little vector based keyer from Oaktree. We have always liked Serious Magic’s line of products before Adobe acquired them, in fact we took part in some testing back in 2007 for EventDV. So when we got to test Premiere Pro for the first time using Ultra Key we knew it was bound to be good. Our instincts were right, the Ultra Keyer that ships with Premiere stands up to them all hands down. When done right – meaning your green screen background is lit evenly and your subject is far enough away to avoid too much spill – you’ll get a near-perfect key every time. We use 4 foot Kino Flos and Divas for lighting fixtures in our studio but even on location in poorly lit corporate boardrooms or tiny offices where we use Lastolite’s HiLite Illuminated backgrounds with a Chromakey Bottletop cover, the results are excellent. Ultra Key inside Premiere is excellent for those looking to create engaging content regularly (and quickly) using a green screen. Compared to the keyer built into FCP 7 and FCP X, I have to have to give credit where credit is due and Premiere is much better in our opinion. And that’s just it – our opinion. It’s easier to use and we find it produces a far more accurate key after a few initial clicks along with plenty of adjustments to really dial it in when you need to. Which leads to someone who is bound to ask, what about Keylight in After Effects? The Foundry’s Keylight ships with AE and we do agree that Keylight is great. We know because we used it for years installed with our FCP 7 equipped edit suites, but what we found (on more than one occasion) was that on multi-tracked training projects, we regularly received memory errors that came directly from Keylight and were forced to shut down and restart. Now was that because of our quad-core towers or Keylight and FCP? I don’t know, but what I can say is that we don’t get that now with Premiere and even on long sequences filled with clips containing 3rd party filters, linked AE files and keyed footage – it responds quickly and consistently. read more...

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