Why We’re Switching From Macs

Rocket Jump by Freddie Wong Mac or PC? This is a debate that I’ve been having with people ever since high school, back when Apple was a company on the verge of getting completely buried by PCs, when they actually (briefly) allowed other companies to clone their computers, and when a bizarre looking candy-colored all-in-one desktop machine was almost too radical an idea. Since the moment Steve Jobs took back the reins of his company, much has changed. Apple went from total underdog to arguably the single most influential company in the home computing game. And while every iDevice that comes out spawns a slew of imitators, their focus on those devices makes pro users kinda wonder what’s down the road. Apple has repeatedly stated that they’re not abandoning their pro users, but I think they are. Their actions speak louder than words. Macs ARE PCs For the longest time, Macs used PowerPC processors. Then, in 2005, they switched over to Intel processors, which is pretty much the equivalent of holding a pride parade at the Westboro Baptist Church. What this means is, for all intents and purposes, there’s really no significant differences between Macs and PCs (back in the day, there were all sorts of PowerPC vs. Intel charts and debates – no more). read more...

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