Why you should choose PTZOptics PTZ Cameras for live streaming

PTZOptics create high-quality PTZ Cameras that are easy to setup, operate, and integrate with exsiting systems. Their line of PTZ cameras range from 12x-30x optical zoom and come in USB, SDI, or NDI|HX models. 

No matter what your using your PTZ Camera for, PTZOptics can ensure you will have high-quality video delivery, create new opportunities to boost engagement, increase revenue, and optimize your workflow.

What can your PTZOptics PTZ Camera be used for? PTZOptics PTZ Cameras are used in all different settings. From houses of worship to the classroom, PTZOptics is your ideal solution for video production and live streaming applications.

In the entertainment field, PTZOptics PTZ Cameras are being used to live stream or pre-record performences and events. Now fans can get an in person experience from their home. This is opening up a whole new revenue to entertainers and venues. They can sell more tickets than they ever could before by offering a virtual experience to viewers. 

"A great example of PTZOptics camera utilization in a performance space the way Deadmau5, the world-famous electronic musician and DJ, uses them to project video onto a 3D cube as part of his Cube V3 tour. Four cameras are located inside the cube, and projected directly onto the sides of the 3D object, adding something extra special to the audience’s experience."

 In the classroom, fully virtual or an hybrid approach has become the new normal. Having PTZOptics PTZ Cameras in the classroom is a great way to keep remote students engaged and connected. 

In the corporate world, PTZOptics PTZ Cameras have also made a difference. PTZ Cameras can bring a clear, reliable evenironment with effective communication to your meeting or corporate event. 


PTZOptics PTZ Cameras are designed to make broadcast-quality video affordable. They allow for an easy, automated production workflow with other software technologies for recording and live streaming directly to content delivery networks like Facebook and YouTube. They are the perfect PTZ cameras if you are part of the live streaming world. 

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