Will A.I. Change/Impact Video Editing and Production?

As a motion picture editor in Los Angeles, YouTube user JumpCut Conference grew concerned about the future of his job with the rise of A.I. like GPT-4. He reached out some friends of his, including Michael Kammes get their expert opinion on the coming A.I. revolution in video editing. Don’t get left behind, find out how A.I. will change video editing forever!

Watch the full video below:

00:00 - Cold open intro
02:23 - Michael Kammes' experience in post production
03:12 - The rapid pace of change in A.I. development
04:39 - You must adapt like in previous tech revolutions
08:37 - How is Michael Kammes using A.I. in his work?
09:53 - A.I. tools in video editing workflows
12:03 - Coming soon A.I. assisted Frakenbiting
15:39 - Can A.I. do storytelling editing?
19:52 - Quality of art is subjective, and A.I. has an aesthetic
21:32 - Can A.I. do assistant editing work?
26:27 - Deepfake misinformation campaigns will be a problem
30:27 - Resources to stay informed
31:32 - Good storytelling will always triumph over A.I.

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