Will there be an Apple FCPX template shop?


You might have noticed that we have been building a list of free FCPX & Motion effects for download over on our forum. Let's take the thought further though...

We've seen quoted that there were 2.5 million downloads of FCPX within the first few days. True or not, the lower price and ease of operation means that the user base is growing day by day. So is there a need for a central store of the extra available effects you can download for FCPX? We're not talking about motion wrapped plugins here, but custom effects, transitions, generators and templates.

It has been confirmed that Apple is not progressing copyright protection for Motion effects in the near future. This makes the selling of effects slightly more difficult as once downloaded, they can be copied, shared and reposted on websites without any restrictions. - Apart from the annoyance of the author of course!

Another fabulous possibility would be the creation of the 'Apple Template Store." It would work exactly like the Mac App Store but would run within FCPX. Think of having a 'Download more effects' button or being able to browse new effects and install them with one click. How about 99 cents a new transition? This would of course mean that all the effects would have to be checked by Apple before posting and no doubt they would take 30% for the privilege. Encryption by Apple of the effects and selling to a ready made user base would more than make up for it. users would also know that the effect they are purchasing will do what it says on the tin. read more...

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