Window of Opportunity: Are PCs Poised to Take Back the Edit Suite?

Splice Vine by Eric Wise

I’ll admit it – I’m a Mac Guy. And for those that regularly read my blog posts, newsletter articles or have checked out some of my workflow hacks this is isn’t news.

Lately though, I’ve become a lot more open minded.

Like many of my peers, I’m still a little intimidated by FCP X. But I am still planing on becoming proficient with the app because of the novel ways it improved FCP 7. I also think FCP will eventually re-gain some of it’s mindshare so I want to be able to talk knowledgeably about it as it slowly rebuilds it’s core set of users over the years.

That said, I’ve been giving the Windows platform another look.

A few days ago I stumbled upon Richard Harrington’s article on Creative Cow, Opening My Mind Has Opened Doors.

He talks about how the powerful HP z800 workstation blew away a similarly configured Mac Pro during a side-by-side speed test.

Yes, it’s true that it is an HP sponsored post but that misses the point. Richard Harrington is a Mac guy through and through, being one of the first FCP certified instructors with more than 10 Mac focused books under his belt. read more...

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