Wipster as a Post Production Workflow Solution

Wipster Wipster.io solves a major post production workflow issue with its frame accurate commenting platform. All video editors, content creators and other media production professionals who are looking for a way to streamline their video review and approval process should check out Wipster's features in this review from digital media strategist Taylor Stakes.

Using Wipster in a Collaborative Post Production Workflow

TaylorStakes blog I've always wanted to start a blog and talk about video production and using video in marketing. As one of the fastest growing mediums for marketers video is a constantly changing medium. From how we shoot and edit video, to how we post the final product. I want this blog to become a place where I can review the tools I use, or talk about something I'm doing that really changes the way I'm shooting, or editing a project. I also want it to be a blog where I can learn about how to make a better end product. So, I decided to start with a tool I absolutely love. Wipster. As a media producer there is no question your work is going to be reviewed. Working with many different clients, it is important to have a streamlined workflow in order to keep all projects organized. One of the biggest pains in video production is. . . [continue reading]
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