Wirecast 14 Tutorial: Produce Remote Interviews with Rendezvous

Remote production was a largely new concept to many organizations before the Covid-19 pandemic.  And, when many of these companies were forced to dip a toe into live streaming and production, remote guests were a necessity, as it was at a time when people could not be together. 

Now, as the world begins to recover, one of the most valuable streaming tools has emerged in the form of Rendezvous- a feature available with Telestream Wirecast.  

Recently, streamingmedia.com posted a great article detailing some great workflows for producing interviews using Wirecast.  We'll be highlighting some points from this article, below. 

Making the Rendezvous

One major advantage of Rendezvous, is that it requires absolute minimal effort from your guest- meaning they can focus on their presentation and the part of your stream that matters- the content.  Rendezvous is as simple as sending a link to your meeting to your participant.  All that's required on their end is a webcam and a microphone. 

Rendezvous brings your guest right into your Wirecast software as an independent source.  

Dedicated Chat Function

Rendezvous allows for increased communications with your guest with a live chat feature.  This is a tremendously handy feature, as anybody who live streams knows, sometimes there are moments when you must communicate with your guest without your audience getting that same information. 

Check out the full article from streamingmedia.com to learn more.

Learn more about Telestream HERE.


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