Wirecast 15 Guide to YouTube Live Streaming

Telestream  wrote a great guide for live streaming to YouTube like a pro with Wirecast. Now anyone can stream to YouTube using their mobile device but using a live streaming software, like Wirecast 15 allows you to take your creatvity to the next level.

"Not only does Wirecast give you all the tools necessary to produce and distribute your live streaming video content, it even has a direct integration with YouTube so you never have to leave the app to create, edit, schedule, or manage your streaming activities. Just log in with your YouTube account and set up your stream in Wirecast."

Some things to consider before you start streaming with Wirecast is to make sure your computer is up to the challenge of supporting high-quality encoding and streaming.

Now here are the steps to live streaming with Wirecast to YouTube. 

Step 1: Find the Output Settings in Wirecast

Step 2:  Select the YouTube Output Destination preset

"Generally, you’ll fill in a variety of fields on the Output Settings screens that ask for pertinent information, such as the title of your project (which is different from the title of your event), your YouTube channel and account, and privacy settings; namely, whether this event is private or intended for the public. If this is your first YouTube stream, put in your YouTube account login and password and give Google (YouTube’s owner/operator) account permissions. Also, put in the title of the event along with a brief description."

Step 3: Log into your YouTube/Google account

Step 4: Enter your event/live stream information

Step 5: Select your Encoding preset, or the resolution at which your content will be streamed.

And that's it! You're ready to start live streaming to YouTube with the new Wirecast 15 software! 

Check out the full article here!

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