Wirecast 7 Adds ISO Recording

Wirecast 7Wirecast 7 is Telestream’s latest live streaming software which now packs GPU-accelerated encoding, a new user interface and ISO recording.
The software is for event producers to create live-streamed productions, with multi-camera switching, graphics, titles, and live encoding. The new UI, Telestream explains that Wirecast 7 enables “quicker and more flexible access” to shot editing features and enhances on-the-fly editing. With the Shot Editor panel, users have in-shot source toggles for turning video and audio layers on and off within each shot for editing of composite shots. Producers often want to re-edit live shows to produce highlight reels or replays. With a new ISO recording feature, Wirecast Pro can save all original clean source camera media allowing an editor to re-purpose content, free of any overlay graphics from the original broadcast. Wirecast 7.0 adds more options for how text can be displayed on screen. Text can be entered live, via a file or from an RSS feed enabling a different user to prepare te xt that will be automatically picked up in the broadcast. A new audio mixer controls every source from one central location, and an enhanced “mix minus” feature selectively mutes any source, such as the user’s own voice, while otherwise monitoring the full stream audio output. A Global Hotkey Management system speeds up any repetitive task by allowing users to create their own hotkeys. “Much more than a facelift, Wirecast 7 also takes advantage of a new performance architecture that improves CPU utilization across the board, accelerates stream encoding by making use of GPU hardware, while also letting users closely monitor the health of their streams with a new graphical diagnostics view,” said Tom Prehn, Senior Product Manager at Telestream.

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