Wirecast Creates Adrenalin-Fueled Live Streams

Fourgreen TV is a German company of streaming specialists. Recently, in order to improve their coverage of live sports, the company has opted to use Telestream Wirecast.

Fourgreen TV focuses on live streaming and VR projects. However, it varies from traditional television because of a combination of professional equipment and an affordable cost for clients. This is only possible because of Wirecast.

"Without Wirecast, we can’t do our job. We took a long time in selecting our live streaming platform – we evaluated multiple options – but Wirecast’s flexible license model, its multi-user operating system and the inherent stability of the platform on both Mac and Windows made the decision straightforward."

Michael Reischer, Founder & Producer at Fourgreen TV in Berlin, Germany

One of Fourgreen TV's major clients is the local German American Football League- GFL. Together these organizations have founded SCOUTREPORT- The American Football Magazine!

The company produces live shows from their studio in Berlin, as well as record interviews with players and coaches. They also live stream GFL games. All of these productions are created via Wirecast in combination with Facebook Live.

“We provide live streaming services to sports teams that otherwise would not appear on broadcast TV, enabling their fans to stay in touch with their teams and players over social media. Wirecast is the bedrock of our live streaming workflow. It helps us create a really efficient workflow with easy to use settings. Wirecast is a professional production tool with some really great features such as multiple layers for editing, combined with drag and drop within those layers. Its stability and flexibility within a live production environment make it a powerful option and it’s competitive pricing opens up a large market of potential customers for this service.”


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